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  • Matt (Forums Manager)
    Welcome back!14100%
    BLOG posted March 26, 2014 by Matt (Forums Manager)ÜBERXprt (12,000+ points) 
    Welcome back!

    Because we are committed to the peer-to-peer support model on the Motorola Owners' Forums, there are precious few of us actual Motorola employees out here. I'm here, and Nicole is here. Wendy has started helping out as well, and there are a few others, including our mysterious forums elves like luilao ("The High Spirit"), elnard and emejoy.

    But our numbers have just increased for the better. I'm happy to welcome back Mark, who was my partner on this site from before it was even launched. If you have been a member here for awhile, you will likely remember him -- please say hello!

    Mark will dive back into forums activities, helping to moderate and manage the site. With his help we hope to improve site performance and organization and continue to improve the Motorola Feedback Network.

    And of course, Mark and I both lean heavily on our astounding team of MotoXprts, the volunteer moderators that do all the heavy lifting here in our communities. I am constantly amazed and humbled by their contributions. Endless thanks to the MotoXprts team (in no particular order)!


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  • Matt (Forums Manager)
    Join the Network49100%
    BLOG posted September 25, 2013 by Matt (Forums Manager)ÜBERXprt (12,000+ points) 
    Join the Network

    We are delighted that our new phones -- three new Droids and Moto X -- are bringing new members to the Motorola Owners' Forums. Our site is dedicated to peer-to-peer support, and the equation goes:

    More Peers = Better Support

    Plus, it's more fun when there are a lot of participants.

    And now that you're here, I want to encourage you to join the Motorola Feedback Network. This is a subset of Forums members who have volunteered to provide feedback when asked. Members respond to surveys, provide feedback on new software in advance of full release and are a key group we turn to when we need "real user" information.

    There is an invitation for the MFN on the home page of every device community and you can find it here. It will include all the steps for signing up.

    Please opt in today. You never know when new software will be ready for testing!

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  • Matt (Forums Manager)
    Logging in with Gmail rocks1583%
    BLOG posted July 30, 2013 by Matt (Forums Manager)ÜBERXprt (12,000+ points) 
    Logging in with Gmail rocks


    We’re offering a new way for you access the Motorola Owners’ Forums and other Motorola sites. We think this will make it easier for you to access the site, and for us to provide great support.

    Very simply, you can use your Gmail address to log in instead of a non-Gmail address. This make sense to us, since you are already using Gmail on your Android device.

    This won’t require a huge and complicated change. In fact, even after you have “switched” to a Gmail login, you will still be able to use your previous email address to access your account. And if you don't want to, no worries. But we hope you will find Gmail simpler. 

    To make this simple change:

    1. Make sure you are logged out! 
    2. Click here and enter your non-Gmail address and password to log in.
    3. On the next page you will be able to enter your Gmail address so it is "approved" to log you onto our site, and any Motorola property where you are registered.

    It should only take a few moments to complete. See below for an illustration I made myself! (The link above bypasses that first screen pictured below and takes you right to the second one.)



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  • Matt (Forums Manager)
    Google Maps update -- have you seen it yet?19100%
    BLOG posted July 11, 2013 by Matt (Forums Manager)ÜBERXprt (12,000+ points) 
    Google Maps update -- have you seen it yet?

    Google Maps is getting an update -- I see it on one of my phones (Droid RAZR HD Maxx) but not the others yet. I had to download the updated app, then open Maps for the change to take place. (On RAZR M, the update has not yet caused a change on the device -- Google Play says it will roll out over a few weeks.)

    As a result of the change, the old blue arrow Navigation app was removed from my app drawer. I've been using Maps and Google Now to launch navigation for some time, and I guess that's great for me since I don't miss Navigation, but maybe not for you if you do.

    Since I didn't use Navigation much, the only thing missing I noticed is the Contacts menu, that shows addresses from your People list. 

    The new maps has a new Explore option that shows you nearby locations in different categories -- Eat, Drink, Shop, etc. You can rate these sites and see the ratings of others. Or at least that is the intention since I can't figure out how to access any reviews that don't show up automatically on the app. Anyone figured that out?

    Here's a new video on the new Google Maps. Comments, tips, or opinions on the new Maps?

    (Ahh, I see my Droid RAZR is updated...)

    [Sorry - video embed isn't playing nicely. Go here to see it until I figure this out, please.]

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  • Matt (Forums Manager)
    Reply by email -- at last!4
    BLOG posted July 1, 2013 by Matt (Forums Manager)ÜBERXprt (12,000+ points) 
    Reply by email -- at last!

    As some members have noticed, we've been working for some time to enable Reply By Email on our community. Good news -- it looks like it's working!

    It's a simple tool but it makes it easy to use the forums when away from your PC. Here's how it works.

    1. You start or respond to a thread, or subscribe, so that you get an email when there is a post.
    2. You used to get only a Reply to this Comment by Web link in your email, but now you will see Reply to this Comment by Email as well.
    3. If you click Reply to this Comment by Email it will open a new email. (Here's where things get a little tricky...)
    4. You will see text in your newly-opened email instructing you to put your message between two lines, like so:
      ***only content below this line will be posted as a comment***
      ***only content above this line will be posted as a comment***
    5. Do that, hit send, and your comment will post just fine.

    There may be some situations where this doesn't work properly, and you can help us by reporting it. We will need:

    • The email program
    • The browser
    • The device you are using (phone model, or PC OS, etc.)

    If it doesn't work on your vintage Commodore 64 running your custom DOS-based email program, I can't guarantee we'll be able to prioritize that for a fix. 


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  • Matt (Forums Manager)
    Faster site; slower status progress?49100%
    BLOG posted April 1, 2013 by Matt (Forums Manager)ÜBERXprt (12,000+ points) 
    Faster site; slower status progress?

    As many members have noted, a recent software update dramatically increased the speed of this site. (And yes, I hear your sighs of "finally!") I know it was a challenge to navigate pages here. I appreciate all of you who have hung with us as we worked on it. More to come!

    I'm also making an adjustment to the points system that feeds the site's reputation levels. In retrospect, we didn't think through the point assignments well enough when we started. We gave the same value for posting and commenting as we did for "rating" a comment or post -- one point. I know we were eager to reward and encourage every sign of life on the site and encourage its growth. But the upshot is that actions of very different degrees of value and difficulty are being rated as equal. Writing a response to help an owner and giving that same response a "thumbs up" should not be equal, though we value both.

    For the time being, I'm going to remove the points for rating a post altogether. My preference would be to reduce them to, say, .2 of a point, but the system doesn't support decimals. I could also make posts and comments worth five points, but that will require a recalculation of all the current status levels. I need some time to figure out the ultimate solution -- consider this an interim step.

    What are your thoughts on how the points should be allocated? Here are the available settings -- how would you value these actions? Currently we have Comment on My Post worth 0 and the rest worth 1, except for Comment Selected as Best, which earns 4. How would you do it?

    • Create Post
    • CreateComment
    • Rate Post
    • Rate Comment
    • Comment Selected as Best
    • Comment on My Post
    • Rating on My Post
    • Rating on My Comment

    Note that we can't create new categories at this time, or we could give points for Motorola Feedback Participation, for example, or for solutions that end up being used in our call centers. These things are all on our radar!

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  • Matt (Forums Manager)
    Software Upgrade News page gets a makeover4057%
    BLOG posted February 22, 2013 by Matt (Forums Manager)ÜBERXprt (12,000+ points) 
    Software Upgrade News page gets a makeover

    The Software Upgrade News page has been among the most-visited pages on our site, so it's a good bet many will be interested in this change.

    The new, improved, global Upgrade News tool is much more detailed than our "list" version. Navigate to your geographic region to find up-to-date news about the Android operating system version for your Motorola phone or tablet, around the world.

    Just select your region/country, Motorola Android device and carrier to find information specific to you.


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  • Matt (Forums Manager)
    Empty comment errors? And silly stuff that amuses me...6100%
    BLOG posted October 30, 2012 by Matt (Forums Manager)ÜBERXprt (12,000+ points) 
    Empty comment errors? And silly stuff that amuses me...

    Ever since our last upgrade to this site, we've had periodic reports of a specific posting problem. Members create a subject and enter their question or comment, but when they try to post they get an error: "You may not post an empty Comment."

    Most of these incidents seem to happen when a member is posting from their office -- but not always. But it also appears that the browser may have something to do with this.

    If you have this problem, we could use your help. Please click this link and post about your experience on the thread provided. Note that we are looking for a couple of specific pieces of information: if it happens at work, can you reproduce it outside of work using the same computer; and, what browser are you using?

    Thanks for your help!

    (Please DON'T post about this here on the the blog. Please click this link and post about your experience on the thread provided.)


    So, silly stuff.

    I use a Motorola Roadster 2 In-Car Speakerphone in my car, and like most of our Bluetooth devices, it announces when a connection is made. It will say "Droid RAZR M....connected" or "XT897...connected."

    So, on my Droid RAZR HD, I went to Settings > Bluetooth > Menu > "Rename phone" and changed the name of my phone to "Matt is smart popular and." Now when I get into the car it let's me know that "Matt is smart popular and...connected." Cracks me up.

    Do you have any silly and amusing tricks you've worked out for your phone? Or any ideas for a different "connected" message? Post 'em below.

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  • Matt (Forums Manager)
    Logging In Is Getting Easier10
    BLOG posted July 30, 2012 by Matt (Forums Manager)ÜBERXprt (12,000+ points) 
    Logging In Is Getting Easier

    This week, some of Motorola's most popular web sites, including the Owners Forum, are switching to a single login ID and password. Now you’ll use one email address – your MotoCast ID – and password to access the Motorola Owners’ Forums, My Moto Care, the MOTOACTV portal, the MotoStore and MotoCast.

    If you were already using a MotoCast ID, we defaulted to that as your new login. If you didn’t have a MotoCast ID, we used your forum login email address to create a MotoCast ID. In fact, you might already have an email from us with the email address we have for your new ID. The first time you log in, you’ll be prompted to reset the password on your account.

    If you have a different MotoCast ID that you’d like to use instead of the one we sent, see below for instructions.

    - Matt and Mark
      Motorola Owners’ Forums


    If you have a different MotoCast ID you would like to use, we'll update our records. Fill out this short form where you’ll provide:

    • Your name
    • Your mobile phone number (if available)
    • Your current MOTOCAST ID – see above
    • The email address you prefer to use as your MotoCast ID
  • Matt (Forums Manager)
    Big changes to the Motorola Feedback Network237100%
    BLOG posted March 22, 2012 by Matt (Forums Manager)ÜBERXprt (12,000+ points) 
    Big changes to the Motorola Feedback Network

    A couple of years ago we had this idea. What if we had a group of volunteer owners who we could call on for feedback on software, how they use their phones, and for details on a variety of issues? Since we first put out the call for volunteers, the registration count for the Motorola Feedback Network has climbed to more than 20,000 -- looks like it was a pretty good idea!

    However, those processes we started with were not designed for such numbers, and that's been a problem. Outdated phone models and serial numbers were hard to update, typos could ruin your participation, and the recruiting system was always breaking down.

    So we've changed it. Here are some important things to know if you want to become, or continue as, a member of the Motorola Feedback Network (MFN).

    1. Now, the only way to register is through your forum profile. This can be done when you sign up for a forum membership, or by visiting your profile here on the site. (Click on your own name to get there.) You will see this at the top of your profile - click the links there to register:

    2. As a result of this change, only forums members will be able to participate in tests and projects. While this has always been a rule of the MFN, the links to register were often passed on to non-members. Soon, you won't be able to sign up without signing in.

    3. The new registration process will also require that you submit a valid serial number (MEID, etc.). If you don't, you can still be a forums member, but you can't be in the MFN. We need that number to push software, etc., and this way we know it's valid going in. (The other good news is that if you switch phones you can now keep your information up to date so we always have what we need.)
    4. To remain a member in good standing, you will have to provide feedback. In the past, some percentage of owners signed up for software tests, etc., and then "took the software and ran" without providing us with comments or survey responses. Even though it isn't a huge number of people, we really just want to work with those who keep their commitments. We understand that a member may miss once in awhile so this will only effect those who never or rarely give feedback.

    Another advantage of the change is that you can register multiple devices on your profile and indicate which of those you want included in the MFN. On our end, we think it will make it much, much easier to generate lists of owners, send invitations, start and end test groups and compile survey results.

    We hope that everyone who has previously signed up for the Motorola Feedback Network will re-up using this new process. If you have registered before but have not yet updated your membership here on the forums, we will invite you to do so with an email sometime in the near future. Or, just click into your profile and do it now.

    We will have a transition period. During the next few months, we will include those signed up through our old method and those using the new method.

    The information collected by the Motorola Feedback Network is of tremendous value and we appreciate the amazing participation we've enjoyed. Looking forward to more of the same going forward.


    - Matt

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