What is the Motorola Feedback Network?

Motorola Feedback Network members are Motorola Owners' Forums members who have raised their hands to provide feedback when we request it. It includes owners interested in participating in a test of approved software as well as other projects gathering feedback on our products and services. 

The MFN is not a "suggestion box" for providing ideas and comments. We work exclusively on a project basis.

The network is open to forums members in good standing. Based on your profile information -- mostly the model of device(s) you use -- you will be invited to take part in projects that appear to be a good fit. You always have the option to take part or not. However, members who consistently fail to sign up, or sign up but do not provide feedback, may be dropped from the group.

Most projects require confidentiality but we do have some public projects as well. At this time, most of our projects are for owners in the U.S. We are working to expand to other regions.

We hope you will sign up and take part. Owner feedback is an important way for us to learn about our products and services -- and improve them.