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  • Matt (Forums Manager)
    “Anything different is good…19100%
    BLOG posted 12:06 PM by Matt (Forums Manager)XXXPrt (25,000+ points) 
    “Anything different is good…

    …but this could be real good.”*

    I have big news for members of the Motorola Owners’ Forum.  We’re moving!

    That’s right, we’re packing up the communities, the posts, the comments and all of our beloved members and migrating to a new platform.  Our new platform (on Lithium) will have all the great features of this site, as well as some new ones – including greatly improved mobile access from your phone. (That’s one I think we’ve all been waiting for.) If you have had problems posting in the past, this should solve that problem as well.

    The site will still be found at, and you’re going to still see the same great MOTOXPRTS and Moto Agents helping out. We’re taking advantage of Lenovo’s great forums site, but otherwise we’ll be carrying on as usual with our forums and the Motorola Feedback Network.

    We hope to complete the move within a month.  Here’s what to watch for:

    • In the next week or two, you will receive an email from the Lenovo ID Team ( - this is a send-only account). You don’t have to do anything – it simply indicates that we have created your Lenovo ID that will allow you to use our new community.
    • At some point we will switch our current site to read-only mode while we move all the content to the new site. Our goal is to make this period as short as possible. Once the new site is ready for business, we’ll send you another email and invite you in! We’ll have more instructions then.

    There will be some other changes, such as to our points-and-status system, but we’re still working through those now.

    Have questions or comments? Please post here and I’ll do my best to respond.



    * Who can name the movie where this line can be found?

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