Seriously?? The headphone jack hiss is back???
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    Seriously?? The headphone jack hiss is back???

    I can't believe you morons let this bug release in ICS too:



    Did you already forget about the 100 page thread on this very support forum about this same bug from the original release of Bionic!!  I'm so done with motorola phones!


    • huff825

      Probably something everyone should test to see if it is a widespread problem or more isolated. Probably don't need the name calling though.

    • fpirelli

      Mine is fine. Some people only know how to communicate thru name calling. Good way to not get help.

    • grod46

      Mine sounds great. Works with two different headphones.

    • ElkRib
      I agree with huff825. Probably not the best tactic to call those names at the hand that feeds you, unless you are going elsewhere. And even then, I do not think that forum would appreciate or act on your comments.
    • huff825
      There is obviously a possibility that there will be some bugs in ics, nothing is perfect. There are a lot of factors to take into account. If there are legitimate issues, we should respectfully report them so they can be addressed. If this is one, it will get attention. I just haven't seen a lot of people reporting it, not even in the link to the other forum.
    • phontomf

      Sorry perhaps name calling isn't appropriate but I'm just very frustrated by this.  I lived with this bug for a couple months when I first got the phone and it wasn't pleasent.  Now here it is again and who knows if it'll be fixed this time.  For those who can't hear it, I can almost guarantee it's there you just dont have the right type of headphones or your hearing is not good enough.  You need to test in a quiet environment with tight fitting ear bud headphones.  If it really isn't there for you then consider yourself fortunate.

    • zizzybaloobah

      I hear it too. It's not as bad it was when the phone was released, but it's there. I don't notice it on the internal speaker, or when using BT or an MP3 jack in our car stereos. I only notice it w/earphones.

      Along that same line, the overall audio quality does seem different. I'm not sure whether its better or worse, maybe it's less flat? more flat? Better volume? (I don't have to turn it up as high I used to, for sure) I dunno, but I've definitely noticed something (besides the hiss).

    • wilsodw

      I got lucky and no hiss at least that I can hear!

    • bigredgonzo

      I don't have the whine.  I've used two different sets of good earbud type headphones and sequestered myself into a very quiet area and the audio was as clear as a bell.


    • woodinthewoods
      I don't hear no whine. I'll have to have my son listen cause my hearing isn't what it use to be....the only issue I have as I'm sure other have also is I constantly have to clean out the headphone jack for lint.. I swear it breeds it...
    • srsykes31

      Sorry you have the hiss problem.  I never had it before and thankfully I don't have it now.  You have every right to be frustrated; but being frustrated is not going to not going to help.   Complain to Motorola and complain loudly; but don't be childish when you complain.  There is a new sheriff in town now and so far he looks like he is out to do right by us.  

    • 9024steven

      I've got several ear bud type headphones, my favorite being a set of Sennheiser's, not sure of the model, but they were around $100 new. Tried those, and several of my others and cannot hear any type of hiss from my Bionic. I still have the same Bionic from the time when this was one of the biggest gripes about the phone last year and didn't have the issue on .893, .902 or .905 either.

      Perhaps it's a slight variation in the manufacturing process as hiss typically comes from hardware circuitry and the way software improves it is by "filtering" it out. In my experience, if you had hiss, you always have hiss even after it's filtered, you just can't hear it.

      I'm curious now as to how many others will report this issue.

    • majeikms

      I have the audio whine when using [wired] headphones. Hoping that Moto can resolve this quickly.

    • bigredgonzo


      Is it possible to do a poll on this forum?  That might help with determining what percentage of the folks have the whine/hiss.  Because, honestly, I have been reading stuff on the upgrade for several days now and just haven't seen that many mentions of that problem.


    • merryj

      yeah the headphone jack whine is back for me too. I use Amazon MP3 and it worked fine before ICS, not so much after. the ONLY difference in my phone between Monday and Tuesday was ICS. i've read other forums that claim a Factory Data Reset can fix it. i do not want to do that...i think i'm out of options though.