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    MOTOACTV app for all Android phones (2.1 and later)
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    MOTOACTV app for all Android phones (2.1 and later)

    Good news! We are delighted to announce that the MOTOACTVTM App will be available for all Android smartphones (Android 2.1 and later) – starting Monday, April 2nd. Plus, it has been updated and packed with new features. You can now:

    -Plan workouts on your phone, launch them from your MOTOACTV and see your workout data back on your phone

    -Track progress of your personal fitness goals on your phone 

    -Use your Android smartphone to set up Wi-Fi networks for your MOTOACTV

    And you still get the same great Bluetooth® enabled functionality between your MOTOACTV and Android smartphone such as:

    -Receive notifications of incoming calls and answer calls

    -Redial calls from the MOTOACTV notifications list

    -Receive text messages

    -Receive reminders about events from your Android smartphone calendar

    -Sync fitness data from your MOTOACTV to MOTOACTV.com


    • dan.pendleton

      Great news! Thanks so much to you and the team.

    • NewbieRunner

      Thats great news.  I was wondering about that.  Thank you MotoActv Team

    • Scythe

      ...and your Amazon review now became a 5 star.  Great work guys.

    • tlagalt
       nice work, moto!
    • tlagalt
       nice work, moto!
    • Saint

      You're doing it right Moto!  

    • rodrigolink

      Will it work with my Motorola Spice XT300?

    • russm0814

      Very cool, I have a MotoActv on the way and my phone is the Atix 2.  

    • omarcastz

      This is great news. I have been using this MotoACTV smartphone app with my Droid X. It was a great first attempt but sometimes it would fail when trying to sync my workouts. I'm hoping this awesome feature is much improved. It is certainly great to not having to connect to a computer to sycn workout data. This is great for traveling (when I am only taking my phone and Xoom or XYboard with me but not all my important files in my computer).

      Looking forward to trying out the updated app since I use the current one almost daily. Thanks for putting resources to this Motorola. Now if we could only get some much needed improvements to the MotoACTV website (but that is a different topic).


      Great job!

    • MarkTaylor

      Any chance that they are working on an iPhone app to do similar things?

    • WakeArray

      Fantastic! I knew you guys couldn't hold out forever. ^_^ From the way this thing gets updated it sounds like you guys have a decent sized development team and are actually serious about making it a success in the marketplace. The only thing I can suggest adding now (aside from the given bug fixes and updates with the general functionality) is an SDK so people can add to this thing's capabilities. It's already an amazing device, all that needs to happen to make this thing legen(wait for it..)dary is to allow everyone's imagination to make it grow. Remember... The iPhone didn't /start/ with an app store. ;) 


      I should also point out how lucky I am: I have a galaxy Nexus and not only did I just barely get to take advantage of the Amazon sale where in buying a motoactv, netted you a free wriststrap accessory, but the day before my motoactv arrives, the app to connect to non motorola phones releases. Sweet.

    • Saint

      Installing... :)

      I see that the MOTOACTV Weather app is still restricted to Motorola only phones. Is this going to change also (fingers crossed for a yes)?

    • omarcastz

      Just installed the MotoACTV smartphone app. Fantastic!. Looks like the app is on it's way to becoming a full featured app and one stop shop. Pretty soon I won't need my computer!


      Some suggestions from the first impressions (Using a stock Motorola Droid X phone with the MotoACTV 16 GB on software version: MA 1.6.6 N16 and MotoACTV smartphone app version 2.0.24):


      1. Currently pressing the "My Workout History" button causes the application to "reboot", I get a black streen with the Motorola batwing logo and the word "MotoACTV" then it goes back to the application.

      2. My MotoACTV is set to autopause during my runs, this means that it usually registers very high numbers for miles per minute. This is not a big deal in the website. However, when looking at the data on this application, I see tha the Pace setting is "flipped" from the website where the low numbers are on the bottom and the high numbers are on top. It would be nice to see the pace data just like it is on the website.

      3. The same issue when displaying pace on the "Details: Laps/Intervals" screen.

      4. The application is currently not showing the mileage in the "Competitions" section. Although this has also been a problem on the MotoACTV website


      5. MotoACTV Weather needs to be updated as well. It works great with my Droid X but apparently it still doesn't work with non Moto phones.

      6. It would be great to also have a tablet version of this app for the Xoom/XYboard and any Honyeycomb/ICS tablets or, barring that; have a version of the MotoACTV website that is tablet friendly (I currently access the MotoACTV using the Xoom and XYboard using the stock honeycomb browser and it works but the experience is not optimal).

      Those were the major bugs I found and improvement ideas I could come up with in my short test. Of course this is a 2.0 release so I'm sure more bug squashing and polish will be taking place and updates will be pushed out.

      I'm hoping to finally be able to get a reliable sync of my runs over 3G. I've not had much luck synchronizing my running data over 3G using the previous version of this app. However, if my Droid X is connected to my WIFI router, the sync process succeeds without a problem. Will report back on this functionality after my next run.


      I know it sounds like this is full of complaints but this is an amazing device that does most things right. There is no equivalent of this out there (especially now with the Golf functionality). I used my MotoACTV and the MotoACTV app on my Droid X to train and run the Los Angeles Marathon. I wouldn't want to use anything else at the moment (MotoACTV made me switch permanently from the Apple and Nike+ system). I am also hoping that Motorola does a better job in marketing this little marvel of a device. I recommend it to my running friends/aquaintances/training partners at my running clubs). The MotoACTV website is also in desperate need of work and polish. I want this to be the best of breed fitness device. Us Android users finally have a strong fitness option in our ecosystem.


      Great job you guys. Keep on improving.

    • runbadgerrun

      So far I really like the App.  Very nice interface and everything is easy to find.  Nice work!

    • MadManX

      Native support for the LapDock would be nice too.  It is a Motorola product and all that seems to have just been forgoten about.  The new website login is very taxing on the phone/dock (and doesn't load right anyway if at all).  It also runs the LapDock/ phone out of memory with a stock phone, running almost nothing but email and WebTop when opening www.MotoACTV.vom... Website is "ok" after that... But still horribly slow.

      Have there been battery improvements with tethering the MotoACTV to my phone? ... Will it still run the MotoACTV dead in under a day without a workout?  Have there also been battery updates when tetherd in the MR6.6 update?  I would hate to go back to having the battery go dead during workouts again or having to nurse the charger all day.

      The update looks much more freindly than v1... But Its not very freiendly with the lapdock... I'll play with it more once I undock.