Moto X Error can't unlock bootloader XT1053Answered
    Question posted November 1, 2013 by tuespazioLandline (10+ points), last edited November 1, 2013 
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    Moto X Error can't unlock bootloader XT1053

    Hi i have a problem when try to unlock my bootloader, my carrier is NII Mexico (Nextel Mexico) and  accoding to this it can be unlock

    But i try several times and nothing every time the same message "Your device does not qualify for bootloader unlocking".

    I purchase this phone because on Motorola Page says i can unlock the bootloader.

    Anybody on Motorola Can Help Me?


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    Matt (Forums Manager)

    I'm happy to say that thanks to cooperation from Nextel, this problem should be solved. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.


    • needa

      i have no affiliation with moto so maybe someone will get on there and help you out. but it looks like it cannot be unlocked as of now.

    • tuespazio

      Yes but i think maybe is a error on database 

      i see this another case and says "The issue was fixed. They forgot to upload a batch of devices to the


      Maybe for my case can be something similar.

    • Matt (Forums Manager)

      Could be an error. Can you confirm where you purchased it? Want to make sure that it is eligible and sometimes prototypes that should not be sold make it into the market.

    • tuespazio
      I bought them on a Cell Distributor of Nextel i have the box and all his manuals and accessories also the invoice
    • tuespazio
      Whats it the procedure to verify if this a error!!!
    • Eagle328
      Shouting at Matt when he is trying to help you is just wrong. I'm sure he will get back to you on this issue. Please be a little patient, it has only been 1 day.
    • Victor.Sicilia

      I have tha same problem, I also i try several times and it show me the message:  "Your device does not qualify for bootloader unlocking".

      And I also get this phone because the unlockeable bootloader, I'm a developer and its important to me and my work this feature.

    • Victor.Sicilia
      Matt (Forums Manager) said:

      Could be an error. Can you confirm where you purchased it? Want to make sure that it is eligible and sometimes prototypes that should not be sold make it into the market.

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      Me and my friend also have the same problem [He buy the phone one week ago], the phone is from nextel mexico, from an official store. 
      I hope someone can help :)

    • Hadi

      I got the same problem. Moto X originally from Nextel Mexico. Please issue a fix for this.

    • Matt (Forums Manager)

      I have a bit of an update. I know that at least some phones have not had the proper codes loaded into the unlock system. I can't confirm that the ones listed on this thread are part of that group but it's certainly possible. The team is working on a fix and I will ask about this particular group of phones. I will let you know what I hear. 

    • tuespazio

      Thanks for your support Matt

    • Matt (Forums Manager)

      So, turns out my previous post was dead wrong -- but the team does have a line on what's going on here. They are working it. Again, I will update you when I know more. 

    • Victor.Sicilia

      Thanks! You are awesome Matt!

      I hope we can unlock our Moto X someday, because it's the best phone that I have. [I have like 5 android devices because I am a developer, but this is my personal phone.] I really apreciate your help, people like you deserves a trophy or something :P

      I will wait for updates :)

    • zachavm

      I decided to keep this in this thread for simplicity. My question is concerning updates to this phone.

      I bought it on ebay wanting a XT1053 that was a good price and supported all T-Mobile Freqs.  I don't care about the bootloader as long as it gets regular updates. so far, it hasn't gotten the most recent software update.  Will this speed up as the phone gets ramped up?  If not, I'll eventually want to unlock the bootloader and flash the T-Mobile firmware to it so as to ensure timely updates.

    • YukiMX

      Any update about this?

      I have 3 weeks with this problem