WiFi Connectivity Fix
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    WiFi Connectivity Fix
    I'd like to propose a very simple solution to possibly fix WiFi connectivity issues that some users (like myself) have been facing with their Droid RAZR phones. This may also work on other Android phones that face a similar issue.


    My setup:
    Phone: Droid RAZR MAXX (Android v2.3.6, System v6.12.181.XT912.Verizon.en.US)
    Router: Linksys WRT54G v8 running alternative firmware [DD-WRT v24-sp2 (08/12/10)] - SSID set to broadcast on channel 6, WPA2 Personal security with AES

    The problem:
    Upon turning on WiFi on the phone to connect to the internet using my home network, the RAZR would successfully do so (get an IP address, etc), however the icon on the top notification bar would stay white or switch between white and blue seemingly sporadically. My understanding of this is that white means it's connected to the access point, while blue means it is connected to the access point AND also connected to Google's servers (thus the data connection is available). Turning WiFi on also makes the 3G icon white, probably because the phone wants to at least attempt to route data through the WiFi connection. Unfortunately this doesn't happen while the WiFi icon is white and anything that needs to use the internet/network is rendered embarrassingly useless. Sometimes the icon will stay blue long enough to get what I need done, but more often than not it doesn't (we're talking blue icon for a minute at most, then back to white). Needless to stay this isn't how such a great piece of technology should work. So I searched around the web, tried various suggestions (even as far as to factory reset). Nothing worked.


    The original solution:
    The only way I found I could get the WiFi on the phone to stay connected and consistently send and receive data (blue icon) without ever returning to the white icon is to unplug or reboot my router and then reconnect on the phone once it's back up. The WiFi would then work flawlessly...that is until I disconnected. When reconnecting at a later time (or even immediately after sometimes), the issue would reappear. So I got one shot on my WiFi per router reboot.


    The permanent fix:
    After thorough testing yesterday and today I can say that I feel as though I have conquered my issue (and possibly others' similar issues) meaning the WiFi icon stays blue during the entire WiFi connection, and will consistently be able to reconnect at later times without having to reboot my router or deal with the insufferable consequences (the dreaded white icon).
    My router was setup to use a mixed network mode (both B & G wireless connections were allowed). By simply changing this option in my router's settings to allow G ONLY, the issue disappeared. I haven't been able to reproduce the initial problem since changing this setting.


    The end:
    That's all I got. One little setting routers have to support older devices needs to be changed to support newer devices. Out with the old, in with the new. If you have experienced similar WiFi issues, I invite you to try this "fix" and see if it can't work for you as well as it did for me. Let me know how it goes, if so let's get this spread around so Google can figure out where they went wrong with wifi connectivity.


     -Creighton Linza



    • Sox

      Hey Creighton,

      I tried out your fix to mixed results. I can browse things on my wifi now, however it loads extrordinarily slowly. Thanks for posting it though. I hope Motorola fixes it on their end, because I was using wifi no problem on the older software version.

    • grandsport

      I had a similar (but very intermittent) issue until I replaced my router (now using FIOS router from Verizon). No issues of any kind since. So I do believe it is more of a router problem than a phone problem. I am currently running N with a G repeater in the farthest reaches of my house. There is a "significant" difference between the two, but my phone automatically switches to the G when in that part of the house and then back to N.

      Have it set up to connect to strongest signal.

      If you don't already have, you should consider updating to a newer N router. If not, make sure the firmware of your current router is up to date. Most just buy the router, set it up, and never upgrade to the newest version of firmware. This can cause issues as well.

    • Creighton

      So grandsport, your router outputs wireless N, and the repeater grabs the wireless N and outputs to wireless G? Or is it a wired repeater? Are either of those putting out a mixed wireless mode (N/G/B, or G/B respectively)?

      The thing I'm trying to get out there is that it seems as though the phone doesn't handle B & G mixed wireless mode connection swaps very well. I have no idea why, or really nothing else technical to add to it; but changing that simple setting in my router fixed it and the issue has not reappeared since.

      I'm going to hook up a D-Link router I have lying around to do some further testing to hopefully rule out the router as being an issue entirely.

    • luks

      It's the phone not the router. After i reboot my phone for 30 min the wifi works flawless with signal at max but after that keep disconnecting.

    • Apaulct

      802.11b is a very old standard, Circa 1999.  It originally only supported WEP encryption, not WPA or WPA2.  Some drivers may have been updated to support WPA but I doubt if anything supports WPA2 under 802.11b.  That may have been your problem, if the network connected using the b standard, your security may have been blocking access.  Since both 802.11g and n support WPA2, that shouldn't be an issue with a modern router.  Unless you have a real old legacy device, it's a good idea to disable b, stick to g or n.

      I have my router set for g + n, connect a variety of g & n devices and don't have any problems.

    • luks

      Tried that, still doesn't work properly.