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    Notification light problems? Try this.
    Discussion posted November 28, 2012 by Matt (Forums Manager)XXXPrt (25,000+ points), last edited November 29, 2012 
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    Notification light problems? Try this.

    We posted a new widget in the market today that will enable and disable your notification light. If yours isn't blinking when you expect it, use this to toggle it on. And if you're like me and don't like that light to blink when it's sitting on your bedside table at night, use it to turn it off.

    It's called Notification Light Widget in the Google Play Store.



    • chrisc2u

      That's great Matt, thanks for listening and getting this app out for the public. 

      Question: How can we invoke the action via a smart action or another systematic way so we don't need to toggle on/off daily?


      Thanks again. 

    • nubrtron
      Having control of the notification light through the smart action app would be great. I have already found many uses for the smart action app. By the way thanks for creating this widget, better than using programs like light flow.
    • Tevansny

      That is awesome... Thank You  !!!

    • pothole

      Works great....thanks!

    • Matt (Forums Manager)

      I had the same thought about Smart Actions and I will ask if it can be added at some point. I think the widget would need to be modified.

    • DRU21281

      Great app, well widget!   Thanks for the heads up!

    • jaseq

      I agree this would be so much better through Smart Action. Im crazy about keeping my homescreens pretty clean and Id hate to have to add a widget just to toggle it. Matt push for it through Smart Actions :)

    • Tctazman

      I have that and light flow installed.  I can not get a flashing LED for FB notifications.  All other notifications working.