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    Please read -- notes on 7.2/7.3 update, new apps!
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    Please read -- notes on 7.2/7.3 update, new apps!


    Our team is very eager to deliver the improvements, fixes and enhancements you want to our MOTOACTV device and portal. We hope that our new updates meet your needs and continue to make MOTOACTV an indespensible part of your fitness activities.

    The current major changes to both the device and the portal are complicated, and as a result, it will take a few days to get everything aligned. Here are a few items I'm aware of that you should know.

    • As announced in the release notes posting, the software released on May 31 is for "N" devices only -- that is, North America. We expect to release the software for EU and A devices (Europe and Asia) very shortly and I will post the news of that here on the forums.
    • The new Twitter and Facebook plug-ins for your Android phones are not currently available on Google Play but will be soon -- we hope later tonight first thing in the morning. Again, I will post here when I know they are available.
    • Golf -- there are major changes to the interface. Right now we've had reports that some of the directional markers you can enter that indicate if you hooked or sliced are not showing up on the portal. We hope to have that fixed soon. The changes should be retroactive so your previously entered information will show up once we've corrected this.
    • Intervals. Big, big changes to the portal were already launched. We are seeing reports of some duplicate interval stages and we're working hard to correct that problem. Like you, we're eager to get Intervals where they need to be.

    Please don't use this thread for a catch all for issues -- start new threads if you need them.


    - Matt



    • Matt (Forums Manager)

      The Twitter and Facebook plug-ins are now available.

      Okay, looks like they are going to make a couple of tweaks -- stand by!

    • Matt (Forums Manager)

      The EU software is now available for download.

    • Matt (Forums Manager)

      Okay, the Twitter and FB apps should be ready to go.

      In fact, there is new phone software all around as you will see updates to the regular MOTOACTV app and to the Weather app. Go to Google Play and search MOTOACTV to find all four apps. While in Google Play, go to Menu > My apps to update your MOTOACTV app and Weather Plugin, if you have already installed them.

      MOTOACTV App
      - More Flexible Workout Planning
      - Improved Fitness Zones
      - Performance Improvements
      - To keep receiving weather updates on your MOTOACTV device, install the latest Weather plug-in after updating this app.

      Facebook Plugin App
      - View your top 20 Most Recent wall posts & comments on the MOTOACTV device
      - Like/Unlike right from the MOTOACTV!

      Twitter Plugin App
      - View your top 20 tweets on the MOTOACTV device
      - Retweet right from the MOTOACTV

      Weather Plugin App
      - Minor enhancements (works only with MOTOACTV App 2.0.52 or higher)
      - Replaces existing weather notification instead of adding a new one
      - Works with non-Motorola Android phones



      How do I use the new Facebook/Twitter plugins?

      1. Install the latest MOTOACTV App. Install Facebook/Twitter apps
      2. Launch the latest MOTOACTV App and login to your MOTOACTV account if not already done.
      3. Click Settings -> MOTOACTV Device Settings -> Plug-ins. The Facebook/Twitter plugins should be visible in the Plugins screen.
      4. Tap on Facebook/Twitter entry -> Login. This will open Facebook/Twitter authentication dialog. You need to enter your Facebook/Twitter credentials. Click Login/Authorize
      5. After successful login, you will automatically come back to the Facebook/Twitter plugin settings screen.
      6. You can choose how frequently the plugin should send Facebook/Twitter notifications to your MOTOACTV device.
      7. By default, Facebook/Twitter plugins will only fetch your data over Wifi. If you deselect "Update over Wi-Fi only", your phone's data connection may be used if there is no Wi-Fi available. (Additional data charges may apply if you deselect "Update over Wi-Fi only")

      I am sure I have installed the Facebook/Twitter/Weather plugins, but I do not see them in my apps drawer

      After the plugins are installed, they will ONLY be visible from your MOTOACTV app via "Settings -> MOTOACTV Device Settings -> Plug-ins" screen.
      Please make sure you are using the latest MOTOACTV App.

      I have logged in, but I do not receive any Facebook/Twitter notifications on my MOTOACTV Device

      Step 1 : Please make sure you have the latest software update (7.x or higher) on your MOTOACTV Device
      Step 2 : Make sure your MOTOACTV App and MOTOACTV Device are connected and you see the blue icon in your phone's notification bar.


      * Facebook, Twitter & Weather plugin apps work on ALL Android phones running MOTOACTV App 2.0.52 or higher. Please upgrade your MOTOACTV App and Weather plugin.
      * Facebook & Twitter plugin apps ONLY work with MOTOACTV Device software v7.x or higher..
      * After you login into your Twitter account, initial tweets may take 2-3 minutes to be visible on your MOTOACTV device.

    • Atsic

      error with twitter plugin. When i try to set it up it reports me an error and ask me to close the app. Phone desire Z with last update. all the rest working.

    • asimpereira
      Atsic said:

      error with twitter plugin. When i try to set it up it reports me an error and ask me to close the app. Phone desire Z with last update. all the rest working.

       Atsic, what language do you have on your phone?

    • Atsic

      italian. should i try english?

    • asimpereira

      Yes, English will work. We are releasing an update in a few hours to address this issue.

    • Atsic

      Right. In english works.

    • ajpiamonte

      Facebook plugin stating "An error has occurred. Please try again later" do you have a fix for that?

    • CoolRunning

      I have the same error using HTC Sensation - won't load to FB just shows an error.  Is anyone still working on this firmware or the plugins?

    • Engmex
      CoolRunning said:

      I have the same error using HTC Sensation - won't load to FB just shows an error.  Is anyone still working on this firmware or the plugins?

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      I also started getting this error on my Sony Ericsson a few weeks back.  Prior to that it was working fine.  I'm not really bothered about the FB plugin so I just removed it.  Unfortunately I don't think that you are going to get any help from Motorola on these forums.  Since Google took over they seemed to have abandoned all forum support and I suspect all development.  The only thing I can suggest is that you phone Motorola support and report the issue there.  Good Luck!