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    Moto X Bluetooth Issues
    Discussion posted August 31, 2013 by dpw2atoxTwo-Way Pager (40+ points), last edited September 1, 2013, tagged Moto X 
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    Moto X Bluetooth Issues

    So I got my Moto X on Verizon yesterday and I noticed a few bugs in relation to bluetooth audio. When I pair my phone with my car's stereo and I play music, I hear a lot of static however everything is fine when I am making a phone call. After my phone is disconnected from my car, the next time I start the car up the phone doesn't automatically pair with the car so I have to manually enter the phone to pair it though sometimes it will pair for music only, not voice. If I disconnect and reconnect the phone then it pairs properly and all is well. The final issue is that depending on the way I hold/rest my phone the music can start to skip.....very odd.

    Previously I had a Droid Bionic and I experienced none of these issues so I know there isn't an issue with the car stereo. Does anyone have any ideas? I have a bluetooth headset from plantronics and it works perfectly fine and pairs everytime it's turned on.

    Edit: I updated a few of the issues I experienced with some findings from trial and error. I still have a lot of static though when listening to music, does anyone else hear that? I am driving a 2013 subaru legacy.



    • Gunnyman

      The only issue I've had with bluetooth was getting Google Navigation Audio to play while playing music at the same time.  This was fixed in my case with a reboot of the phone and making sure Audio and phone profile were both checked in bluetooth settings on the phone.

    • servbotx

      I've had a few instances of notification sounds not working after disconnecting LG Tone+ bluetooth headphones. Power cycle will fix the problem until the next time the headphones are connected.

    • drago


      Sorry to hear about your issue. Does the issue with the phone not pairing the phone audio happen consistently? Are you also using another bluetooth device, such as a bluetooth headset, or ther car bluetooth is the only one?

    • vishy.n

      + dpw2atox - Could you confirm if your Subaru has more than one phone's paired/conencted with it via BT ?

      Looks like they are known connection related  issues with certain Subaru 2013 car Bluetooth units!

    • Ron.S-2
      Have my Verizon Moto X paired to a 2010 Lexus RX 350 with Nav & firmware upgrade to 2013 Lexus Enform. Paired the phone Bluetooth no issues until I added my music library. Now my phone music player starts up (on sleep mode in my pocket) usually about 5-6 minutes after starting the car. Twice it has changed my car from FM to Bluetooth but even then it doesn't play through vehicle sound system. Works OK regular BT vehicle if I select BT on audio. I paired the audio Bluetooth & deleted no change. Then I set the audio Bluetooth to pair initiated by vehicle & then initiated by phone no help. Deleted phone as audio player still no change. Previous iPhone 4s worked very well. I'm having issues with voice calls that break up (4 times in 5 days) not a signal issue so wondering if I have a bad phone. My phone doesn't always pair to vehicle phone automatically either.
    • dpw2atox

      Sorry for the late reply, I ended up doing a RMA through Verizon and the second Moto X I got has the exact same issues. I have tried not only to pair with my Car Stereo but also with my Motorola S305 headset and I have the same issue. I spoke with Motorola customer support, gave them all of the details for my issue so it could be a logged complaint.


      So for a recap of the issue.....I have no bluetooth connection on my phone. I get in my car and turn it on but the phone doesn't automatically connect to the stereo. I then have to use the Phone's Bluetooth UI to force a connection. Sometimes it will connect with music only so then i have to disconnect/reconnect it and its fine. Then I start to play music and I hear static regardless of if I am using Pandora, Google Music or even watching a youtube video. When someone calls me, their voice comes in clear and without issue. The final issue is depending on where the phone is placed, the music will start to skip until I move the device a little. This happens regardless of if I am streaming or have the music stored locally.


      This isn't a "deal breaker" for me but it is annoying. I honestly believe that when we get the update for 4.3 it "should" resolve this issue as we will be using the official BT stack in Android as opposed to the Motorola custom hacked in implementation. Here's to hoping the OTA is released sooner rather than later.....

    • Matt (Forums Manager)

      Hey dpq2atox. We have theory.

      On the Subaru you have to delete your old phone from the car kit or it will never auto connect to your new phone. The reason the previous phone works, is it is the ONE that the car recognizes and will connect to.

      Look in your manual under Bluetooth audio for instructions on how to delete the old phone profile.


    • Ron.S-2

      Matt's tip about Assist Led me to a solution to all of my issues except pairing doesn't always happen automatically. I simply turned off Resume music play in Assist/Driving. No more surprises with music starting randomly.

      I paired my phone and later gave it a name so I had to remove it and then pair again. Guessing that  the name change or adding music throw an occasional monkey wrench because pairing worked better originally.  

      This is one great phone...I'll put up with some issues rather than take a step back.


    • Ron.S-2
      I think I know why my phone doesn't always pair. In my garage I am still paired to my Panasonic answering machine BT. My iPhone would also have the same issue but I didn't figure it out until today testing my BT music connection. With Assist/Driving/Resume music play music plays controlled by the car and restarts after a phone call and after stopping for gas etc. Works perfectly so at a loss to understand this Resume selection.
    • dpw2atox

      Matt, Thanks for taking the time to reply but I already did that. In fact my car only supports 1 bluetooth device at a time so when I replaced my Bionic I had to delete that BT entry to pair the X in the first place. When I got my replacement Moto X I had to delete the original Moto X from the stereo so I could pair the phone. The issue isn't that the phone doesn't ever pair, the issue is that after the initial pairing, it won't reconnect after the car is shut off and then turned back on. The only way to have the phone/car connect is to go under bluetooth settings for my phone and select the car's entry then wait for it to connect (which is usually does, though sometimes it connects as music only, no phone and I have to disconnect/reconnect). When I turn on my bluetooth headset, it connects automatically and the same goes for my bluetooth headphones (motorola s305).

      AFTER I have everything up and running, the 2nd issue is that there is static while listening to music which again is quite annoying but I expect it will be fixed in a software update. The static is present on any bluetooth device I use to listen to music with, not just the car. I initially thought it might be due to a faulty device but I did an Advanced RMA with Verizon where they shipped me a new phone and I sent them back the original Moto X I had ordered. The new phone experiences the exact same issues as my original Moto X did so I doubt there are 2 faulty units with the exact same hardware failures. This is why I believe that there is a bug with the Bluetooth driver stack being used on Motorola's implementation of 4.2.2. I did an online chat with Motorola customer support, gave them all of this information including my IMEI, contact number, models of hardware tested, etc and they informed me it will be passed on to their engineers.

    • Ron.S-2
      I've been in my car listening to music all day BT and it works flawlessly. Resumes after calls and stops for fuel. Might be your vehicle... I have mine set to pair initiated by vehicle.
    • dpw2atox

      Previous with my Droid Bionic it worked just fine. I would start my car and ~10 seconds later my phone and car would connect and music would start to play. There was no static and everything worked flawless at least in that department. The same can be said for my bluetooth headset and headphones as well. So I know there has to be an issue of some sort specific to the Verizon Moto X and bluetooth audio playback.....i mean what are the odds of getting 2x models of a phone with the exact same issue?

    • Chuck

      I've got a 2013 Acura TL and had my Motorola Razr M paired to the car's bluetooth.  I had no problems; it worked great.  I just switched to the Moto X and deleted the Razr M phone from the car's system.  My problem is that the phone keeps connecting to bluetooth,,disconnecting, and reconnecting about every 30 seconds or so.   It's annoying to have the beeps for notifications (I had to put it on silent) and to be disconnected so often. Any thoughts on how to fix this problem?

    • joelbon

      I would suggest that you forget the connection in both the car and the phone. restart the car and reboot the phone. Now set up the connection from scratch. Hopefully, that will work. Hope this helps.

    • vishy.n

      Please check, if the post, from Matt @ ,helps!