How can I change APN settings on my Motorola Bravo?
    Question posted January 24, 2011 by maladjustmentTelegraph, last edited December 22, 2011 
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    How can I change APN settings on my Motorola Bravo?

    I have been wrestling with connecting to Google so that I can use many of the features on my relatively new Bravo. I keep getting the same error message that many others have received when I try to set up my Google account:

    "Your phone needs to communicate with Google servers to set up your account. This could take up to five minutes" then...

    "Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server. This could be a temporaty problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data service. If it continues, call Customer Care."

    One of the suggested fixes to this obviously system-wide bug is to change the APN settings in the phone.

    I've looked through the User Guide, and can't find any mention of how to access the APN settings.

    Help, please!





    • maladjustment

      Was able to access the APN settings (Settings/Wireless & networks/Mobile Networks/Access point names/(menu) New APN) and enter the AT&T APN settings. No luck on connecting to Google servers. Has anyone had any success with this bug?

    • drago

      I suspected this was not an issue with the apn settings as they come "preloaded" on the phone. What it does look like is a problem with internet connection. I can guess that you haven't been able to install any apps as your market needs a google account so I think the safest bet would be a factory data reset. To do that, you go to "menu" + "Settings" + "Privacy" and perform a reset and see if that solves the problem.

    • maladjustment

      OK - I'm open for a fix, for sure, but will the factory data reset wipe out the contacts and other info I've already input into my phone?

      Thanks for responding - I just want to be prepared for any outcomes.


    • drago

      Unfortunately it will, but in the future, once you have your google account

      set up, your google contacts and phone contact become one.

      Also, can you tell me if you have the internet connection otherwise. For

      example, are you able to use the web? Also, are you able to access any of

      the widgets, such as news?

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    • maladjustment

      Yes, I can access the Internet, use FB, Twitter, and YouTube, access my work email account, get news feeds and weather info, etc. I just can't use any app that requires a connection to Google servers.Kinda negates the point of getting an Android phone.

    • s.m.knipe

      Try sync-ing by signing into your youtube account. That has worked for some in the past with different devices. Once you sign into Youtube with the gmail account you want to sync to, open Gmail and make sure things sync'd.