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    We need you! ...for the Motorola Feedback Network
    Discussion posted October 12, 2010 by Matt (Forums Manager)ÜBERXprt (12,000+ points) , last edited September 26, 2013 by luilao (MOD)PHOTON 4G (4,000+ points) 
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    We need you! ...for the Motorola Feedback Network

    When a phone launches and after software is updated, we are extremely eager to understand what owners are experiencing. We watch these forums carefully for feedback.

    But at times we want to gather feedback in a more systematic way. That's when we turn to the Motorola Feedback Network.

    The Motorola Feedback Network (MFN) is a group of owners who basically raise their hand to provide us with help and feedback. As a member of the Motorola Feedback Network, you can be included in various studies and feedback opportunities. Most of our research is survey-based, but we also do private and public benchmarking studies and ask owners to provide feedback on software before it's widely released. Joining the MFN will not guarantee that you get early access to software, but our goal is to draw all our testers from the MFN. You can't win if you don't play!

    If you are already signed up for the MFN and want to update your device, you can change your registration using the process below.

    Want to participate in a Motorola Feedback Network Opportunity?

    Just go to your profile (click on your own name above where it says "signed in as")

    1. Opt In: First: Update Contact Information / Motorola Feedback Network Participation Preference(See image below)
    2. Register Products: Second: Register Your Motorola Products and Opt-in
    3. Check your registrations: Third: Check your list of registered products
      • Product Opt-in in is on a per product basis but you must complete MFN Opt-in first. You can choose to provide feedback on multiple devices.

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    • Matt (Forums Manager)

      Go to My Stuff to add your registered phones to the Motorola Feedback Network. That way you will be included when there are opportunities for owners of that device.