Issues with the release of 905
    Discussion posted June 13, 2012 by RenegadeMOTO Q (750+ points) 
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    Issues with the release of 905

    I updated my Bionic 30 minutes ago.

    I live in an area with very strong 4G signal

    I have already seen data drops the 4G signal goes from BLUE to WHITE.

    I have done a re-boot of the system with a battery pull and still have seen signal drops.

    I will monitor this with my phone and update with more info


    Have you updated your phone and are you having issues?


    • Swoops
      Update: yes, issues: not yet
    • brian9194
      Updated at 1 a.m. EST and immediately noticed data issues. It is doing the same drops before the 902 update. I live in a 4G area and was running great on 902. This is definitely a step backwards. But I will give it a couple days before I try a factory reset.
    • Blklab49

      Updated; no issues.

    • mbeck
      I am seeing a far weeker 4G singnal myself. I was getting full 4G signal before the update but now I am lossing 4G.
    • pabnj

      Before you go and do a factory reset, and to others having data issues, try the following steps first.

      1. Power down phone, pull battery, SIM card, and memory card.  Leave it for a minute.
      2. Install the battery (no SIM or memry cards) and boot up.
      3. Wait until the phone completely, and you see emergency calls only notification, then shut down.
      4. Pull the battery, and install the SIM, and memory card.
      5. Install the battery and reboot.

      In other forums this processs seemed to have helped quite a few people with data issues on 905 as it is supposed to redownload the PRL settings.

    • nobreak1970

      Recommended:  After pulling battery...hit the power button to release any residual energy in the phone's circuits.

    • Pars65

      I have the 905 and have not noticed any improvement: going from Wi-Fi to 3G/4G stays white, I can't browse the internet or get email, switching to airplaine did not make a difference. 

      Switching to CDMA only, I then get blue connection and am back to browsing and email. Switch back to 4G, it stays blue.

      I have done the battery pull with SIM removed and power up stuff, no real difference. I did not try the power button to release residual energy. I will give that a try once.

      I live in an area that says it gets 4G according to the coverage map.

    • Renegade

      I have tried the battery and memory pull this morning.

      One thing I have noticed already, I have used 12% of my battery in an hour.  I have the extended battery. 

      It will be interesting to see how the battery power goes today.

    • Pars65

      As always with a new flash, the battery drain is a little faster, it should get better within a day or two.

      Could it be that we really use the phone more right after a flash?

      Not sure.

    • Jim_Lansing_MI

       Had received the 905 upgrade push last night & lost all connectivity to 4G ... did a power on/off & still no 4G ... did the power down/remove sim & mem/reboot without sim & mem/power off/replace sim & mem as pabni suggested above & got my 4G back

    • Renegade

      I think I found out why the battery was getting drained.  Google + was updated and it turned on Auto UpLoad of pictures, so it was uploading all the pictures on my phone.  This has been stopped.

    • SoCalSurfer

      I've been away for awhile- what is .905 supposed to fix?  I'm running .904 and it works perfectly.

    • grod46

      Updated and i have no problems.

    • tbone732000

      I updated 30 minutes ago, It's 9:05am right now and so far so good. My Blue then white signal problems started 3 days ago and now seem to have gone away at least for now. I will continue to monitor and report. Thanks guys....

    • grandsport

      No problems on wife's BIONIC so far. Downloaded around 6:30 this morning. No signal issues (but never really had them to begin with). Everything else working as it should. They did a similar update on the RAZR a month or so ago, and people reported an issue with signal changing. However, most cleared up after a couple of days. Couold be due to Verizon and the number of people accessing network overall for this upgrade (pure speculation on my part).