HX550 and Iphone 5
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    HX550 and Iphone 5

    I own two HX550 headsets and used them for a long while with my Iphone 4S. Since upgrading to and Iphone 5 I cannot stay connected during a call for more then 5-10 minutes, I hear a click and the headset is disconnected. The call is still on the line and I have to go back to the phone speaker. To reset I have to close the headset and reopen.

    Anyone else experiencing this?





    • bigevil

      Yes! I'm experiencing the exact same issue!! I hope this is a simple Apple software fix that will be released shortly, its driving me nuts.


      Anyone else??


    • jfrench

      I'm having the same problem, but with the iPhone 4S. I have not upgraded to iOS 6. I bought the HX550 about 5 weeks ago, and it worked fine at first. About a week and a half ago it disconnected from the phone a couple times, but in the past few days it has gotten worse, to the point that I can no longer trust it during business calls (my primary usage).

      Since I have not changed my iPhone software during the time that the device has gone from working fine to dropping its connection frequently, this doesn't sound like a software problem. Is this a frequent issue with the HX550, or might I have a defective unit that needs replacement?

    • TBoySev

      Same problem here as well...  I have both an iPhone 4 & 5 and both are running iOS 6.0.1.  iPhone 4 works great with the HX550 headset, iPhone keeps droppin it, but worse of all, if I mute from the headset, there's no way to unmute!  :-(  Sounds like an Apple iPhone 5 problem to me...can anyone at Motorola verify that is the case?  Do you know if Apple has been contacted to fix this problem?  

    • Michael9
    • hx550user

      I am having the same issues.  Here's what I'm seeing:

      -- Audio drop problem: On nearly every call, usually within the first 10 minutes, the headset will make a quick chirp and drop the audio, although the headset remains paired to the phone.  I'm not sure whether the headset is still transmitting my voice when this happens.  The workaround at that point is to either power cycle the headset or change the iPhone audio source to the iPhone speaker, then back to the headset.  NOTE -- I don't believe that I have ever had the problem recur after this workaround.  In fact, it may be that one way to avoid the problem is to start a call and perform this workaround step immediately before the issue shows up.  That's not very practical if you're really trying to use the headset hands free, but it's better than nothing.  However, I haven't tried this often enough yet to be sure it works.

      -- Mute/Un-mute problem.  Pressing both volume buttons on the headset mutes the phone successfully, with the confirming "Mute On" message coming through the headset.  Pressing both volume buttons again does not un-mute the phone, but instead turns off the audio to the headset.  Pressing them a third time results in a "Mute Off/Mute On" message being played back-to-back, with the phone left muted afterwards.  The most reliable workaround is to power cycle the headset, although I've found that if I press both buttons repeatedly very quickly, I can eventually get it unmute after cycling through the states above a few times.

      As for getting these issues fixed, when I told Motorola support that these problems didn't seem to occur on another phone (non-iPhone), they agreed that it seemed to be a compatibility issue with the iPhone 5, but said they couldn't do anything more for me (essentially saying it was Apple's problem). They mentioned they would note it and make their technicians aware of it for the future, but that they couldn't say whether it was a known issue or whether Motorola would be doing anything to resolve it.  They said I could check the forums to see if they ever respond with an indication of whether a solution is coming, but they couldn't give an estimate for a timeframe when (or if) such a response might come.

      I also contacted Apple support.  They told me I could file a bug report (which I did), but it seems there is no way to track the status of the bug, to know if they are also seeing it or even looking into it.  I have seen mentions in the Apple forums of similar problems occuring on other headsets, including Plantronics, but in the case of the Plantronics headset there was a mention of new headset firmware that apparently fixed the problem.  So I don't know whether to look to Apple or Motorola for a solution or whether one is likely to come, which makes it difficult to decide whether to try to return this headset and purchase a different one, or to just sit tight and wait for a fix.  Anyway, I hope this was useful to someone.

    • jfrench

      hx550user, I can't speak to the other problems you've had, but I have BT connection drops with my iPhone 4S running iOS 5.1.1, so it's not just iPhone 5.  I've not upgraded to iOS 6 yet because of other iOS issues, but maybe I'll try and see if it helps. My BlueAnt Q2 does not drop the connection with the phone, so I've gone back to using it. I only moved to the HX550 because it interacts better with Siri.

    • Matt (Forums Manager)

      Hi. We do have a team looking at this -- thanks for reporting it.

      In the meantime, can you try going to the settings menu of your iPhone and turn off Wide-band Speech if it is ON? iPhone 5 doesn't support Wide-band Speech, and it could be a cause of the issue.

    • TBoySev
      Hi Matt...its Toby!  :-)
      So I just went into my HX550 settings and sure enough wide-band speech was ON.  So i turned it off and tried placing a call.  Since the problem is sporatic, I'm not sure if its solved yet or not...but the sound quality was poor this time which is another problem I've noticed on the iphone 5 at times -- turning headset off/on seems to fix it.  I've also validated that the MUTE issue is still a problem with only the iPhone 5 -- once muted from the HX550 headset pressing up/down buttons simultaneously, there's no way to unmute from the headset.  Works on all other devices perfectly (even iphone 4), so problem is specific to iphone 5.  Hope Apple is working on a fix as well...  :-(  
      Matt (Forums Manager) said:

      Hi. We do have a team looking at this -- thanks for reporting it.

      In the meantime, can you try going to the settings menu of your iPhone and turn off Wide-band Speech if it is ON? iPhone 5 doesn't support Wide-band Speech, and it could be a cause of the issue.

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    • hx550user

      jfrench -- I notice you've said your problems are with the headset dropping the connection with the phone.  Are you saying that the phone is no longer paired with the headset when that happens?  If so, that's different than what I (and I believe the others) are seeing.  My headset remains paired with the phone (headset is still shown as the selected audio source on the phone), but no audio is coming through the headset.

      Matt -- thanks for the response and suggestion.  I've turned off the wide-band speech and will try tthat out for a bit and report back.

    • AlphaDog

      @hx550user - pairing and connected are different states.


      You can be paired with a device (they know about each other and will connect if avaliabe) - and this is different then connected. I had a headset (different brand) that would pair but then later drop the connection. I would not have to re-pair it, but I would have to turn it off and on to get it to reconnect. If a headset is not paired, it will not even show up in the list of devices on the phone.

      When the call drops, it is possible that the headset has disconnected. It would still be paired, and possibly you could go to the headset on the phone and select connect.

      I am not trying to be picky, I just want to ensure everyone is using the same terminology.

    • jfrench


      hx550user - I meant the headset remains paired, but audio no longer comes through the headset. I have to switch the audio source to iPhone or speaker.
      But I've also had the problem where the headset temporarily becomes unpaired. I'll turn the headset on, and I'll get a message that tells me I must go to the BT menu on my phone to pair. Sometimes when I do as directed it works. Other times (like right now since I tried using it again), the phone tells me the connection was unsuccessful and I should make sure the Motorola HX550 is on and in range.
      I told the phone to forget about the HX550 device. Then I cycled power on the headset, but that still didn't work. Then I turned off the phone's BT and the headset and turned them both back on. That didn't work either. When I've lost pairing before, one of those two steps usually worked, but not this time. 
      I assume the HX550 is not supposed to be this difficult to use, and that I got a dud. Does anyone know how I go about getting it replaced?
    • hx550user

      @AlphaDog -- Understood.  I just wanted to clarify between the kind of problem I'd been seeing and other issues I've seen reported with pairing headsets with the iPhone 5.  However, even with the definitions you've described, I don't think I would necessarily say I'm seeing it "drop the connection."  The phone believes it is still connected, and the headset is still selected as the audio source for the call, but no audio is actually coming through the headset. 

      @jfrench -- OK, then it sounds like you're seeing the same thing, but also other issues with pairing.  As far as getting the headset replaced, i'd recommend contacting Motorola, either through their online chat or phone support line.  I did both, and in both cases they were willing to help me get a replacement headset, but I declined b/c it doesn't appear that my problems are due to bad hardware.

      @Matt -- I was all prepared to write up a happy response that turning off the wide-band audio had fixed my issues, as I'd been on several calls this week since turning it off and hadn't seen any issues.  But then literally as I was logging in to thedr forums, I received a call and had the audio cut out after ~4 minutes.  So it isn't 100%, but at least it does seem like it is happening much less frequently -- previously it seemed to occur on almost every call.

    • uhoh7

      Jeez many questions to register and very slow server just to see why headset is doing the same sort of stuff. I've tried every combination of options on the head set.

      However here is an interesting thing: take the iphone and set lock screen to never. Now make an email with siri--be sure to activate her with call button. get to the body and get some text in there. then just stop talking. LOCK SCREEN APPEARS!!!!!! and of course you draft is gone.

      There does seem to be a work around for some--maybe all these issues. Don't use the call button--use the buttons on the phone.

      Siri seems to behave properly with scenerio above---sans call button. She does not go to lock.

      I'm bummed because I just bought this for the iphone 5 and it will not work properly :(

      Motorola should have a list of verifed IOS6 iphone headsets out,,,yesterday!!!

      So frustrating when all these companies ignore us and can't work together--on many issues.

    • Matt (Forums Manager)

      We found this -- the way I read it, it looks like an Apple issue.