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    PHOTON™ 4G Pre-Release Software Testers Needed
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    PHOTON™ 4G Pre-Release Software Testers Needed

    If you're interested in testing and want to take part in future opportunities, just join our community now and complete the Motorola Feedback Network required items.  When specific opportunities* become available you will receive additional info via email to register for a particular Photon 4G opportunity. We'll update this thread with additional details as opportunities draw closer.

    Please note that registering with the Motorola Feedback Network will not guarantee you'll be among those testing the software update as testers will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis, and on valid registration responses. Selected users will receive additional information to prepare for the update via email when the trial begins.


    Motorola and Sprint Community Managers

    * Motorola Software Pre-Releases are final software checks, with a limited group of users, before upgrades/updates are provided to the general public. Software tested may be no different than what other users receive, once testing is complete.


    ** Update 10/13/11 **

    Past Updates

    45.3.6 is now available for all users. Please go to Menu > Settings > About Phone > System Updates to check for updates.


    ** Update 4/25/12 **

    New call for testers


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    • Mark (Emeritus)


      Motorola and Sprint are happy to announce a future pre-release* update opportunity for PHOTON 4G, before it is officially released to all customers. We are recruiting 1,000 PHOTON 4G owners to test and provide feedback on a future update.

      Please register for the Motorola Feedback Network to be considered.

      Motorola and Sprint Community Managers