webtop problems? HD dock & webtop adapter
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    webtop problems? HD dock & webtop adapter

    i use webtop via HD dock and webtop adapter for full screen and full mouse/keyboard select/cut/paste capbilities - it's the main reason i chose moto over other phones
    used to work well but not any more since ICS

    for example, can't navigate yahoo mail (full desktop version, not mobile site or app version) - mouse moves ok but clicking things does nothing or strange things
    tried both USB mouse and virtual trackpad, tried stock browser and chrome (firefox doesn't seem to have option to request full/non-mobile website), and tried webtop vs. phone mode
    any ideas?

    also, screen is stuck in letterbox shape (for lapdock) but i use on different size monitors that are less rectangular - but i can't figure out a way to utilize full screen
    any ideas?



    • allmotos

      Is this issue strictly with yahoo or are you not able to click on anything in general?Also are you going to yahoo with the stock browser? 

    • ny99

      yes, using stock browser

      simple hyperlinks seem to work (though the pointer no longer changes to a hand when hovering like it used to)
      but other links/buttons seem to fail

      also, using mouse to select/copy text is flaky
      clicking left mouse button and dragging pointer now seems to scroll/pan screen around, and double-clicking zooms in and out
      sometimes a single-click will change a text box to editable allowing copy/paste, other times it doesn't
      for example, you can't select/copy/paste text any more from a wikipedia page

    • ny99

      also, sometimes popup dialog boxes appear that extend above/below screen and no way to scroll to see top bottom to dismiss

      and clicking some items that would have triggered a link, or double-clicking to select a word to copy/paste, will now instead trigger a phone app to launch
      e.g. clicking an e-mail address in a list of e-mails, instead of opening the e-mail on the website to read (as clicking anywhere in the row normally would), will now automatically try to launch my phone e-mail app to send a reply

    • ny99

      i've read some other forums and it's becoming more clear to me that the problems i'm having with webtop 3.0 aren't bugs, they're FEATURES!
      webtop 3.0 is a totally different product and is designed to be a tablet emulator, not a desktop/laptop emulator
      i bought a RAZR and an HD dock and a webtop adapter for the desktop/laptop experience that moto advertised and delivered in the previous version (even if it was buggy) - but now they've pulled the rug out from under us and replaced it with a tablet experience instead
      i hope the next update includes an optional way to switch back to the old version of webtop (or a debugged version of it), because i feel like the victim of a "bait & switch" right now

    • arohmann

      I like ICS for my phone. The Razr maxx is great. But with the Update to ICS I have a question, where is my WebTop?

      I brought this phone because of a webtop to emulate a notebook with ubuntu! But absolutely hate that I am stuck with this new webtop 3! Is it a bad fake, or what?!?

      If I want to use a tablet, I take out my Xoom, not that (profanity removed) webtop 3.0


      Where I can put back that great WebTop 2.0 ?



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    • joelbon

      Unfortuneately, you can't get the Webtop 2.0 back. I have found that if I put my phone into the media dock and connect it to my tv and select webtop mode that I get a mouse pad on the phone. It seems to work pretty good.

      I am not saying that this is as good of an experience that you had with firefox on 2.0. I am just trying to help you get to a point that this is useable for you.

      My suggestion is to try the different modes that you have available when you first plug the phone into the monitor. Maybe Mirror mode would work best. 

      I personally like the tablet version better than the Ubuntu version. It is much more integrated than 2.0 was. Not saying that you should like it better, I am just saying that I like it better. There are plusses and minuses to both versions. Firefox on 2.0 was great and I do miss it, but Chrome on 3.0 is doing the trick for me now. It isn't perfect, but does the best job as far as I am concerned.

      I do hope that you are able to find a way to be happy with 3.0. Good luck.