Bluetooth (buttons) problems
    Question posted May 16, 2012 by premonitionerTelegraph, last edited May 16, 2012, tagged MOTOROLA RAZR™ 
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    Bluetooth (buttons) problems

     Hello there!

    I own a Motorola (droid) Razr (non-US version) and I'm having severe problems with my bluetooth devices.


    The connection part works perfect and I often pair my phone with both my car stereo and two different headphone-devices.

    The main problem is that the buttons on the paired device never works. I can't skip songs by pushing the buttons on my carstereo or on the headsets.

    Does anybody know what may be the problem?

    None of the paired devices is genuine motorola products but that shouldn't matter should it?


    Please help me ;)


    Regards // Kenta