After update.. no access to internal storage
    Question posted November 29, 2012 by bboi0001Landline (10+ points), tagged MOTOROLA PHOTON™ Q 4G LTE, Sprint 
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    After update.. no access to internal storage

    As you may know this is my 4th photon q. Works perfect love it no issues until the OTA update. I immediately had to call sprint because my data and voice services were affected, so after that was fixed everything seemed ok, I enjoyed the enhancements provided by the update, till I plugged in the phone to the computer and realized that I no longer have access to the internal storage on the phone. I have to transfer files to SD card to access them via computer. Am I the only one that noticed this?



    • tomas

      There were changes made to the USB connection modes (Charge Only was added), but at least on my device the other three modes remained the same, with "Mass Storage" being the MicroSD card only, and "Media device" allowing access to both files on the device memory or the SD card via software on the computer.

      Are you using either Windows or Android File Transfer on a Mac? If so there should be options to view/transfer files on either the SD card or the device memory (I use AFT on a Mac).

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